Verdeflor Premium – with mixed herbs 500g


Verdeflor Yerba Mate Premium Serrano Herbs 500 gr

Meet this new and excellent variety Yerba mate PREMIUM serrano herbs, say goodbye to the acidity. It is an exquisite mix of yerba mate with palo, mint, pennyroyal and lemon verbena. a yerba mate with 100% natural parking with an excellent flavor and quality. 
Yerba Mate Verdeflor Premium is an unlimited source of vitamins and antioxidants that improve your digestive system.

Green flower

Argentine brand of Yerba Mate. They distinguish their products thanks to concern in each production process. From the plantations , mainly in the provinces of Misiones and Northeast Corrientes; Harvest begins between March and April with the process called “shaving” and continues with traditional pruning until September; Sapecado , a process in which the green leaf is exposed for 30 seconds directly to the fire, in this way, degradation and oxidation is avoided, thereby maintaining the green color of the leaves; Drying , by means of hot air, the humidity is eliminated, until achieving between 4 and 6%; PaddockIt consists of a coarse grinding to facilitate the bagging and transfer to the parking places . In bags of 50 kilos it is left to rest for 10 to 12 months or between 30 to 60 when it is carried out in chambers with a controlled atmosphere; Grinding, this is done by means of mills that crush it with a system of blades, counter-blades and sieves, which allow the leaves and sticks to be separated and the dust discarded; Herb Mixing and Packaging is carried out automatically in hermetic packages, with 3 layers of papers.

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