Mission statement

The aim of Mateguru is to provide New Zealand with a.) the biggest and best range of yerba maté and related products (cups, gourds, bombillla (filter straws)) etc. and in particular Organic yerba mate from small cooperatives and producers & b.), to provide unbeatable customer service.

The mateguru’s aim is to connect with the maté drinkers of New Zealand both local & South American, and offer a service that more resembles dealing with a friend than a company. Your orders, comments or questions can be made by phone, text, messenger, Whatsapp or email at any time, otherwise you can purchase in the standard way through the website cart.

Mateguru’s main mission is to share and spread the benefits and culture of drinking yerba mate with the aim of always providing and doing a little more than is expected so that you the customer, know that you are being looked after and are always highly appreciated.