Roapipo Organic Yerba Mate 500g


Certified Organic yerba maté. Unsmoked. 500g pack.

This is a very well balanced yerba with a strong, wild, grassy taste. A well-defined flavour with hints of walnut. Many mate drinkers agree that Roapipó has a unique taste and it is noticeably different from other yerbas. A must try.  It’s taste will slightly vary as well if you change your mate cup and/or bombilla, it is fun to experiment!

Keep in mind that each yerba offers its own personal experience. What’s good for one mate drinker may not be the same for another. If you are new to this world, you will get to play around with many Yerba flavours. Some Yerba Mate drinkers even find their personal “right blend” by mixing different brands. We encourage you to play around with this fun and healthy habit.

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