Pipore Especial


Pipore especial is a more refined, higher class yerba than the traditional version. Typical Argentinian cut including leaf & stems.

Legend tells that a Guarani chief had to escape enemies by crossing a stream and that he left the indelible imprints of his feet and hands. Local Jesuits provided asylum to the chief, baptized him and gave name of Santo for such a miracle.

In Guarani “PI” means foot and “PO” hands, “RE” footprints. This is how Piporé was formed, which means: Footprints and Hand of the chief Santo. The place was called Santo Pipó.

Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó SCL is a cooperative of producers born in 1930 and created by a group of Swiss immigrants who settled in Santo Pipó, Misiones, Argentina. In early 1960th the Piporé brand was created and began to be marketed in Argentina and later abroad.