Maté plunger starter kit


Get started with yerba maté using the quickest & easiest method of extraction, the good old plunger. You can brew it hot or cold, sweeten it, add ginger, tea/s or other herbs or just drink the yerba as it is. The set includes an 800ml glass plunger & a 250g pack of yerba maté, approximately a months supply for the yerba maté beginner.

For hot infusions, start with 2 tablespoons of yerba maté and 80c water. Let it seep for 3-5 minutes & then pour & enjoy. You will be able to get 2-3 such infusions. The 2nd & 3rd infusion can be hotter & seeped for longer. For making tereré or cold brewed maté, use 2-3 tablespoons and allow to sit in cold water (or in the fridge) for 1-3 hours depending on your taste.

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