Liebig 500g


Liebig Original yerba mate is produced by the popular Playadito brand & Liebig is their premier yerba.

Liebig (Playadito) Original is a very delicate yerba mate that requires a very low (for hot mate) temperature to really shine. I experimented a lot with different temperatures for this mate and came to conclusion that the best water to prepare Liebig is somewhere in range between 55°C to 60°C / 130°F to 140°F. Such low temperature will not burn off the intricate flavors of this mate, but on the flip side you’ll need to steep it a bit inside a gourd for probably around 15-20 seconds. The reason is simple — lower temperature water needs more time to extract flavours from the yerba. I recommend you to use this information as a starting point and experiment yourself to try and find the balance between water temperature and steeping time that would yield in the mate that you enjoy the most.

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