La Oberena Organic 1kg.


La Obereña is an unsmoked, high quality brand of yerba mate that stands out with its solid flavour that is difficult to beat. The scent upon opening the bag is delightful, with hints of fresh hay and wood shavings. The taste experience is unique, offering notes of fresh soil, grass, pine nuts, grape skin, sweet tobacco, figs, and a subtle undertone of lemon. It is smooth, hearty, and easy on the palate, reminiscent of other organic unsmoked brands. Finding the ideal water temperature enhances the nuanced flavours. The finish can vary, sometimes leaving a pleasant aftertaste, while other times it turns slightly astringent. The mate has a light-to-medium body, and the texture can be slightly sandy or grainy initially. The cut features medium-sized leaves, some larger ones, and fine particles, resembling Paraguayan yerba mate. The cycle of La Obereña is impressive, as it can be refilled multiple times without losing its flavours. Its stimulating effects include intense focus, concentration, and a calm mind, with long-lasting effects. While it may lack the strong kick of other brands, it provides an instant and balanced boost. This high-quality mate is flavourful, nutritious, complex, and long-lasting, making it a must-try. Additionally, being organic and unsmoked adds to its appeal.

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