La Merced De Campo 500g


The La Merced Original de Campo 500g is a true Argentinian legend, described by many as the yerba maté available. The Yerba Mate La Merced de Campo is native to plantations of the northeast of Corrientes, where the climate is benign and pleasant.

La Merced de Campo is dried following a traditional process and the settling takes no longer than twelve months. The origins and the milling methods make of this Yerba with stems a top quality product of limited production. It tastes very soft, light and balanced.

The yerba mate La Merced Original de Campo was distinguished with the quality Certificate: “Alimentos Argentinos, una elección natural” (Argentine food, a natural choice).
The Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food awarded Argentinean products which assure the highest quality requirements.

In order to keep the quality and taste, it is only commercialized in an exclusive construction paper package with a practical opening; protected inside by an airtight aluminium bag that keeps its unique characteristics intact.

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