La Hoja yerba mate 500g


La Hoja Yerba Mate is a “blessing in disguise” and by that I mean, the packaging isn’t the best at portraying how delicious this mate really is.

La Hoja is another hidden gem among the more popular well-known brands.

By smelling the bag of La Hoja, you get a good sense of what’s to come. The scent is similar to how it tastes. A classic earthy yerba mate aroma with a delicate sweet note. La Hoja features a light-to-medium body. The first several refills are packed with flavour and carry a bit of weight. But after this, the mate continues on to the end with a mild and smooth texture.


La Hoja will find good company with beginner’s, and be a good friend to materos who are looking for a lighter mate without sacrificing flavour.


This mate features a classic Argentine cut with brown, light and dark green leaves. Some are coarsely cut while some are pulverized. Plenty of giant white and brown palos. Dust content is moderate – enough to keep the mountain of mate in place. Overall, a beautiful cut with bright and dark tones. Easy to prepare and easy to filter.

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