Flor De Lis 500g


Flor De Lis is a limited production, artisan yerba from Argentina that is hard to come by. It is made using the traditional barbacua drying method giving it a beautiful smokiness that yerba maté connoisseurs will much appreciate. It offers a medium to long cycle & a complex flavour profile

Flor De Lis features a classic Argentinian cut with a nice mix of fine and coarse-cut leaves which have a faded green hue to them. Palos are mostly white, large, and thick, but don’t take up much of the bag. As for dust, it’s kept at a moderate amount. Not too much, not too little.

After just one gourd, I can already feel a warming sensation take over my body. As for stimulating effects, you can expect the usual of laser focus and concentration. Everything feels under control. Making it the perfect companion for productive work like studying, writing, and reading.

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