Cruz De Malta Traditional 1kg


Yerba mate enthusiasts of Cruz de Malta Traditional say that it’s a brand you can count on. Cruz de Malta Traditional has a typical Argentine cut, with a nice balance of stems, leaves, and dust. In fact, Cruz de Malta recently updated their blend to have larger leaves, so the flavour lasts longer.

The flavour of Cruz de Malta is likewise high-quality. Drinkers describe it as well-balanced, polished and bold. Unlike other yerba mates, Cruz de Malta is on the stronger side, which is a plus for drinkers who need the energy kick. Some say the taste is crisp and leafy, falling within the traditional flavour profile.

Cruz de Malta Traditional is a hugely popular Argentine yerba mate brand made by big-name manufacturer Molinos. Cruz de Malta has been around since 1874, which makes it a dependable and classic blend with rich flavours. You truly can’t go wrong with Cruz de Malta. Even celebrities like Tim Ferriss have given shout-outs to Cruz de Malta.

With more than 140 years on the market, Cruz de Malta is synonymous with one of Argentina’s most important traditions: mate. A meticulous process of planting, harvesting, selection and drying of the yerba leaves in Corrientes and Misiones ensures its authentic flavour and topnotch quality.

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