Amanda Especial 1kg


Especial is AMANDA’s top of the line yerba mate. It’s flavor is light, tasty, and incredibly balanced. For yerba mate drinkers that can appreciate a less bitter, and clean taste, “Amanda” Especial is a MUST!!! Yerba Mate is the perfect herb to share with loved ones. It stimulates the mind yet relaxes the body, uplifting the mood and spirit of the moment with a joyous energy.

Amanda Yerba Mate is a yerba you can always rely on. Compared to other brands like Taragui and Rosamonte, which are both smoked and have an overbearing taste, Amanda is like a breath of fresh air. With a harmonious balance of bitterness and sweetness throughout the entire gourd, Amanda is extremely pleasant while still packing a punch. Heavy earth, soil taste but super smooth. Milky texture and flavor. A bit of mushroom and woodsy notes.

Only after several refills, do I start to notice the strength die down. And even then, it dies down slowly. Throughout the entire cycle, it stays pretty linear. Nothing complex about it. Coming with stems, leaves, and dust makes this the classic Argentine cut. A very strong blast of energy from the start gets you on your feet. Not too much, though. You won’t be jumpy. But your tiredness and groggy feeling will disappear. You’ll feel light on your feet and ready to move.


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