Alpaca decorated gourd


Beautifully finished yerba maté pumpkin gourd decorated with an alpaca/alloy wrap & legs. Approximately 10cm high.


There are many theories & opinions about curing a maté gourd but the final analysis is that it is actually unnecessary. You don’t need to waste your precious yerba & spend a day or two waiting to use your gourd, when you can get into it right away. The only reason you’d cure a calabash (gourd) is to remove the inner, soft tissue, which is harmless and flavourless by the way. Just use your gourd normally, and at the end of each session gently scrape out the inside. After the first few drinking sessions your gourd should be completely clean and free of the porous, inner tissue. Remember to always empty your gourd after each use, rinse it out with hot water & allow it to dry properly. 

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